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Serving fresh and natural pizza since 1978


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Edwardo's Natural Pizza Reviews on Grubhub


4 reviews
We just tried Edwardos for the first time last night. The food was excellent and arrived decently hot (Ive almost never had an order from anywhere that didnt arrive hot but it seems to be something people talk about in Grubhub reviews so Im adding it... Its delivery so of course its not going to be as hot as in the restaurant.). They arrived about half an hour earlier than the expected time which was awesome since the expected time was over an hour. I think it took about 45 minutes total. We ordered a stuffed pizza with sausage and pepperoni which had plenty of toppings and cheese, but wasnt overly messy like stuffed pizzas weve had in the past. The breaded mushrooms Im sure were just frozen, but we always like those. What was nice is that they were still crispy! Most places close up the to go container immediately, but I think they may have left it open to cool before closing which is the only way to keep them from getting soggy. We also tried the meatballs and they were good, but not amazing. Wed maybe get them again, but with everything else being SO good, they ended up just not really being necessary. The garlic bread that came with the meatballs was not anything special either. We tried their buffalo chicken pizza, which was such a good combo with the roasted red peppers and celery. Most places dont make a combo like that. Its usually just chicken and thats it. We loved it. Thats the only item we think needs improvement though. It just needed more. It was a little bland in a way. I think maybe a drizzle of the buffalo sauce on top would have made it perfect. Expect almost a flatbread style rather than saucy like pizza. We loved their crust! It had a lot of crunch to it which was unexpected and we liked it! Even the stuffed pizza had crispy/crunchy crust which is almost unheard of. They definitely know how to make a pizza! Overall this may be a frequent place for us. The delivery driver seemed drunk or high or something though, so that was weird.


Top Reviewer
I ordered from Eduardo's a few years ago and finally ordered again last night. I've been missing out! The pizza was cooked so well and came nice and hot. I love the browned cheese on top, not sure if that's what others complain of when they say there's was burned. It was really good, cooked just how I like it! Veggie pizza comes with all my faves, bonus points! The chocolate cake is delicious too. So rich I could only have a little, but that just means I get to enjoy it for a couple days! My new go to for pizza :)


4 reviews
They really have the best pizza in the area now, I have been disappointed with other places lately but Edwardo's has never disappointed me no matter where I have lived. The only problem I had this order is the salad we ordered had a funny taste my mom said had a maybe sour taste like out of date sour. That has never happen before though so I'm will to look past that.


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Multiple deliveries, and pickup orders, Edwardo's never disappoints. The delivery time has always beaten the estimates, and the food is always HOT. Note, we are about .5 miles away...
The staff is so nice and the place is going thru a small facelift, so feel free to visit in person. Wine and beer is served!


Top Reviewer
I made a weird request on a pizza and while I hoped they'd make it to order, I doubted the would. But they did. Pizza was exactly as I requested and delivered fresh. I've enjoyed Edwardo's for years. They've never disappointed. Great food, great service.

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Edwardo's Natural Pizza Reviews on Seamless


3 reviews
The artichoke and spinach dip is exceptional. The homemade chips that come with the dip are great all by themselves! The create-your-own calzone is great with out the marinara sauce. Everything I have ordered from Edwardo's has exceeded my expectations. The staff,, including the delivery persons, provide excellent customer service. I LOVE THIS PLACE...


Top Reviewer
Awesome pizza! Will definitely order again!


Top Reviewer
Edwardos is bomb.

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Since 1978 Edwardo's Natural Pizza Restaurants have been building a reputation on our innovative Chicago-style stuffed pizza loaded with fresh and natural ingredients. Edwardo's is well known throughout the Midwest and has been acclaimed by food critics and in newspaper readers' polls for "favorite pizza" in Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis.